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  • POLAR high-speed Paper cutters/guillotines meet the highest demands regarding quality, efficiency and durability, with first-class engineering and the best resale value worldwide. With its large variety of programmable additional functions, this high-speed cutter offers impressively short preparation time and high efficiency.
    Polar Guillotines are the perfect choice for companies that require maximum precision and profitability from their cutting machines.
    Polar are designed & manufactured by a famous German precision mechanical engineering company called Heidelberg, who produce equipment for prepress, press and postpress, making them only company that does so in the world.
    Hydraulic knife (two button operation)
    Beam guards
    Adjustable clamp pressure
    Foot clamp
    LCD display
    Easy programming
    Optical cutting line
    Cutting Width: 58cm
    Clamp opening: 10cm
    Feed depth: 58cm
    Width: 115cm
    Length: 135cm
    Height: 136cm
    Table height: 90cm
    Knife thickness: 9.75mm

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