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  • The following are also advantages of POLAR 76;
    It can easily be operated by anybody right away
    It needs very little maintenance
    It cuts Everything (Paper, Cardboard, Foils...)
    It cuts with complete accuracy for many years, die to direct linear scale, which is not effected by wear. The cutter are of solid-heavy-duty construction.
    It needs very little space (2.4 Msq/ 25.8 sq. ft)
    It is ready to cut at any time (all data which was set before switching off the machine appears again after switching on)
    Cutting Width- 76cm/ 29 15/16"
    Clamp Opening - 11cm/4 5/16"
    Feed Depth - 76cm/ 29 15/16"
    Net Weight - 1040kg/ 2290lbs
    Machine Width (with side tables) 152cm/ 60"
    Length - 175cm/ 69"
    Front Table Length - 48.5 cm/ 19"
    Height - 140 cm/ 55"
    Table Height - 90cm/35 1/2"
    Knife Thickness - 11.7mm / 7/16"
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