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SP 142-ER


  • 1341576
  • 1991
  • Roma, Italia
  • Máquinas transformadoras de papel
  • Máquinas para fabricar cartón ondulado
  • Bobst
  • SP 142-ER

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  • 1991
  • Max. Sheet Size: 1020 x 1420 mm
    Min. Sheet Size: 500 x 700 mm
    Base height: 350 mm
    Max. Speed: 6.500 sheets/h
    -Presetting table for the stripping tools of the waste stripping station
    -Feed table with reinforced transport equipment for heavy solid and corrugated
    -1 Push guide OOS (opposite operator side)
    -1 Chase changer installed on platform – allows exchange and preparation of the
    chase and cutting dies for the next job (reduced set-up time)
    -1 Adjustable supporting plate with micrometric setting for 1 mm cutting plates –
    reduced set-up time for repeat orders and better control of creasing quality
    -Quick-locking device for upper and central pull-out frame in the waste stripping
    station as well as on the upper pull-out frame in the blanking station
  • 1341576
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