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Duo 650 Laminator


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  • Duo 650 Laminator

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  • Used Matrix Laminator and Encapsulator

    Perfect for those businesses that want to print on demand but are currently restricted by the need to outsource their lamination. Ideal for short to medium size runs there is no need to pay costly set up charges, and no delay! Solidly constructed and great for a wide range of applications the Matrix Duo is the best value single sided laminator on the market.

    • menus
    • banners
    • signage
    • posters & prints
    and many more…
    • commercial printers
    • In-house print rooms
    • copy and digital print shops

    The Matrix Duo-650 allows the flexibility of single side lamination and encapsulation providing an affordable and effective solution. The unique anti-curl bar allows even the thinnest of laminates to be applied without the worry of a curled finish and extension arms allow large rolls of film (up to 1000m) to be used saving change overtime.
    The Matrix Duo’s are built for continuous use on an everyday basis and have been constructed using parts of the highest quality including heavy duty motors and all metal construction.
  • 1342981
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